August 7, 2020: Court Avenue to Close From Main Street to Bruce Street

Beginning Monday morning, August 10, 2020, Blalock crews will begin the last segment of new utility infrastructure upgrades on Court Avenue to Main Street. During this time Court will be completely closed from Main to Bruce. We anticipate this closure to last six to eight weeks.

The photo below shows the new utility infrastructure installation progressing toward Main Street as of August 7, 2020. This section is at the corner of Commerce and Court.

The photo below shows the roadway surface on Commerce where the new utilities have been installed. If you look to left on this photo, you can see the sidewalk work being performed to meet ADA compliance.

This photo is near the Bruce and Commerce intersection looking toward Main Street. You can notice all of the new storm drains in place, as well as the water and sewer access points above the surface. This area will be ready for the new concrete pavement within the next two weeks.