Concrete Phase 1 Moving Towards Completion


Please do not park on Bruce Street between Court Avenue and the entrance to the Gazebo Parking Lot where indicated by signage posted. There are expensive utility boxes in the ground that aren't yet ready for the weight of your vehicle. These have been blocked off by barriers but please refrain from parking in that section of the street. The Gazebo Parking Lot is accessible and will remain open during construction.

The next utility phase on Bruce Street from the East entrance of the Gazebo Parking Lot to Parkway has started and will remain temporarily closed for the next 6 - 8 weeks. Access to the parking lot will always remain open since there are two entrances, and only one will ever be blocked during construction. This parking lot will continue to be accessible from the Court Avenue side of Bruce Street, coming from the intersection of Bruce Street and Court Avenue during the next phase. Please plan accordingly.

Concrete Phasing, with the closure of Bruce Street from Forks of the River to the Courthouse Entrance, will change on Dec. 30th. This new closure will be from the Courthouse Entrance (Lera Court will be accessible) to the old crosswalk in from of the Sevier County Sheriff's Department. A new traffic pattern will be released for this change once it occurs. The Sevier County Clerks Office Drive-Thru behind the Sheriff Department will be closed during this concrete phase for 6 - 8 weeks. Large pads of the concrete road have been poured as well as sidewalks and curbs. Installation of pavers in the crosswalks are underway and should wrap up before the end of the month, allowing for the shift to the new phase. Concrete Phasing may slow down over the next couple of months as there are specific requirements to ensure the material sets properly. We need the weather to stay above 40 degrees, or at least 38 degrees and rising, for a sustained period of time in order to pour the concrete. So, please be patient with us as we are at the mercy of the weather during these winter months.

Click here to view traffic pattern for access to the Downtown Area

Please use the parking map linked below to plan your visit and get to your destination safely. Parking signs have also placed on-site to help you navigate to the closest parking lots. Please click here for public parking during your visit to our downtown area. Anyone trying to access the courthouse should park on the Commerce Street side or in the designated parking areas downtown, a very short walk from the courthouse.

A new update will be provided anytime there's a major traffic pattern change.

Your downtown merchants are #openforbusiness throughout the construction! Please, support them during these renovations.